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The Magnetic Silicone Bibs

Where Should I Store my Magnetic Silicone Bib?

How Do I Clean my Magnetic Silicone Bib?

What Materials Do You Use for the Magnetic Bib?

What is the Difference between Food-Grade Silicone and Platinum Silicone?

Are Babynetic's Products Safety Tested?

Does Exposure to Magnets or Magnetic fields cause Harm?

Safety is Our Number One Priority

Shipping & Handling

How Do I Start a Return?

How Do I Get Free Shipping?

When will my order ship?

How Do You Ship My Order?

Can I Update My Shipping Address, Cancel, or Edit my Order After it's Placed?

Do You Offer International Shipping?

What is Carbon Offset + Shipping Protection?

What Happens if My Shipment was Marked as Delivered, But I Have Not Received it?

What if My Product Arrived Damaged?

What if My Product Gets Lost?

Other Questions, etc.

Do You Offer Gift Cards?

I Have a General Questions/Inquiry, Who Do I Email?

I Did Not Find the Answer to My Question